About IO

IO is a leadership and organizational effectiveness management company providing services across three segments: Organizational Solutions, Leadership Solutions and Team Solutions. Our solutions offer accelerated growth, transformational change, and high returns on customer, employee, and market performance. 

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Meet Nikki Trotter, CEO & Founder of IO.

As the Chief of People Potential & Performance, I understand the connection between behavior and performance. And I specialize in what I call “The Trifecta of Human Behavior.” That is the mixed methodology and practice of consulting psychology, organizational design, and behavioral coaching that creates healthy cultures and transforms leadership careers.

I'm a highly respected and reputable leader in I/O Psychology, Leadership Coaching and Organizational Development & Effectiveness. With years of extensive experience as an internal and external consulting psychologist for companies like, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Siemens, and AT&T, I’ve dedicated myself to successfully leading teams, leaders and organizations in exceeding revenue and increased productivity by maximizing team performance, elevating engagement and accelerating the effectiveness of leadership.

The I-Side and O-Side of our Coaching Solutions.

The "I" side of coaching is for the individual leaders facing insurmountable challenges every day from the front lines to the C-suite. The "O" side of my coaching reflects the teams they lead and the organizations they represent.

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IO Mission

My mission for IO is simple: to help leaders WIN in life and leadership. It is my calling. Coaching is the ultimate "game-changer" for leaders and organizations. A transformative process and experience that changes careers and cultures. It is my call to action to make a difference in the world.

IO Vision

The playbook for leadership is broken. Not the leader! In a rapidly evolving world, traditional leadership paradigms no longer work. My vision is ambitious yet clear: to revolutionize leadership! That's why I'm committed to helping leaders break boundaries and redefine what leading in the 21st century means by applying the art of behavioral coaching and the science of psychology.

IO Values

At IO, my values serve as the guiding principles behind everything I do. I believe in giving back through service and stewardship, ensuring stellar results for every client, and viewing every interaction as an opportunity to build lasting relationships. My goal is to create a winning client experience that exceeds expectations.

IO Ethics

Upholding the highest ethical standards is paramount at IO. As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I adhere to their rigorous code of ethics, ensuring accountability and integrity in all my coaching practices. My commitment to ethical conduct is non-negotiable and reflects our dedication to serving my clients with professionalism and integrity.

The Power of Behavioral Coaching

As a human behavior and leadership performance coach, I utilize behavioral coaching to facilitate change and strengthen a client's self-identity and values. This approach helps clients achieve change in multiple emotional, social, intellectual, and motivational aspects.

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